Sister Sharifa Vernice Meytung

Sister Sharifa Vernice Meytung, OLC (Our Lady of Czestochowa) is an African-American artist, haijin (a writer of haiku poetry), teacher and lay religious practitioner in the Catholic and Buddhist traditions. Her practice is also steeped in and informed by West African, Native and HipHop traditions. She has studied in many community and academic settings, including the University of Erfurt, Germany. Her media books and CDs include Oil For The Lamp: 7 Virtues of Human Character Development, Hiphop H.A.I.K.U. Vol 1 and 2, Rough Ground, and other multimedia projects. She currently hosts a monthly reading of the 37 Practices of A Bodhisattva which can be accessed through her facebook page. She has also produced readings of the Jataka Tales, and hosts a radio show called “Our Changing Times” on WPEB 88.1 FM. In addition to CLBSJ, she serves on the Board of the Philadelphia Buddhist Association and she is constantly creating collectively with other artists, activists, and everyday people in order to transform our singular truths into a shared human experience. More of her work can be found at and