Thomas E. Boomershine

President, GoTell Communications

Thomas E. Boomershine (PhD, Union Theological Seminary) is an emeritus professor of New Testament and a United Methodist elder. He has been an activist as a biblical storyteller, educator (New York and United Theological Seminaries), author, and community organizer of the Network of Biblical Storytellers, International, and the Bible in Ancient and Modern Media research group in SBL. His detailed studies of the Gospels as ancient storytelling across the boundaries of the cultures of Israel and the Gentile Greco-Roman world are a foundation for peacemaking in the modern world. His research and advocacy have also helped to initiate the development of performance criticism as a methodology for biblical study. His books, Story Journey: An Introduction to the Gospel as Storytelling (1988) and The Messiah of Peace (2015), are resources for the reconception of the Gospels as stories of peacemaking and of biblical storytelling as a strategy for non-violent resistance to violence and warfare.


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