Black August: "Potluck and Processing" led by Sherly Fabre

Black August Series

August 31, 2021, 7:30pm Eastern Time

All are invited to come together to “digest” the perspectives that have been shared during CLBSJ’s inaugural Black August series, to share additional insights, and to discuss how to build on it going forward.

What is the relevance of our religious practices in carrying forward the tradition of Black August? What have we learned; what questions have been raised? Please bring whatever thoughts and insights you have been cooking up!

Series host Sherly Fabre will offer reflections on Black August that come from her Haitian heritage and her Muslim faith practice.

As has been our tradition, we will open with a libation ceremony honoring inviting the living memory of our ancestors into the room. All are invited to bring names to contribute to this ceremony.

Sherly Fabre: A Haitian-American immigrant who grew up Catholic and converted to Islam, Sherly is a seasoned grassroots activist who builds capacity at local, national and international levels. She is the co-chair of the boards of Proyecto Faro and the Truth Telling Project, a member of the Fellowship of Reconciliation National Committee, UN Representative for the International Fellowship of Reconciliation, and a member of the Community of Living Traditions and the Muslim Peace Fellowship. She has volunteered with CLBSJ’s library team and the Muslim Peace Collection, and is now serving as the Black August Series Host.