Published 08 December 2021

I support CLBSJ because it is a platform for connecting people and ideas across domains, countries and movements. ~ Hillel Arnold

The Center and Library for the Bible and Social Justice is the only “liberal” institution that is actively pursuing the interpretation of the Bible in relation to the issues of social justice in antiquity and in the present. That work is embodied in the magnificent collection of the library and in the sponsored dialogues between a wide range of social activists and biblical scholars. It is crucial that this “left wing” work be done in the current internet mix of politics and religion in the global community and in the United States often dominated by fundamentalist “right wing” distortions of the biblical tradition. ~ Tom Boomershine

As an activist scholar and priest, I am deeply thankful for the CLBSJ. The liberating potential of Christ’s work is strongest when we join our gifts together. Through uniting scholarship and Christian activism, the CLBSJ provides parishioners, clergy, and academics with the tools to most effectively face the greatest justice challenges of our time. ~ Matthew J.M. Coomber

CLBSJ is one of a few organizations that promote the union of biblical faith and activism in stimulating and creative ways. It also educates clergy and laity in social and contextual approaches to biblical texts, which offer new insights in Bible study and to the knowledge of biblical justice and service. ~ Laura Gottwald

I feel as excited and convinced of the need for CLBSJ as when I co-founded it. We have shown our flexibility during the pandemic by increasing our educational presence on Zoom. These programs have enabled us to contact many new friends and supporters who appreciated and valued our programing. ~ Norman Gottwald

CLBSJ is a community that I truly value because we are committed to living out the justice we teach, preach, and organize around. I know of no such organization quite like CLBSJ, and the work we do is needed more now than ever. I’m proud of what we do, and I will continue to be personally invested in whatever way I can. ~ Nicholas Johnson

The Scholar Activist programs and the Black August series, offered by CLBSJ, were and are immensely educational and unique. People researching Biblical and Social Justice activism will find wonderful, scholarly resources both in the library and through conversations with those who become involved with CLBSJ. I have found a whole new appreciation for the work that has been done, laying a foundation both for ministry and activism in working toward a more just and peaceful world. ~ Elizabeth Simpson

The CLBSJ is the kind of organization I love to support. Great aspirations, small budget, key strategy, and fast on its feet. Finding this space that connects theologians and activists on the key questions of the day is the sweet spot. ~ Rick Ufford-Chase