Let’s Read for Justice! Read-a-Thon 2023

Published 31 August 2023

Please join with CLBSJ to celebrate and extend critical engagement with the Bible!

As students of all ages are resuming their studies, CLBSJ is launching our second annual Read-a-Thon: a participatory fundraiser and public awareness campaign to celebrate and extend critical, justice-oriented Biblical study and engagement. We are calling on all bibliophiles, autodidacts, bible nerds, scholars, preachers, teachers and faith-filled activists to join in to make the read-a-thon a success! There are several ways you can participate:

Become a Reader: You can read anything that is currently on your reading list – books, articles, pamphlets… the Bible! The only difference from normal is that you will “dedicate” this reading to support CLBSJ, and ask your friends and family to help you in that process. You will be asked to tally the pages you have read and report them periodically through the interface on RallyUp. By registering as a Reader through RallyUp, you’ll receive a personal fundraising page that makes it incredibly easy to tell your friends and family about CLBSJ and ask them to join you in supporting its unique ministry. For anyone who signs up, CLBSJ Staff and Board members will reach out with tips, troubleshooting help and team spirit. Sign up at go.rallyup.com/c/clbsj-readathon2023-reader.

Donate to support the Readers: Gifts of any size will help us to reach our goal of $25,000. You can make a per-page pledge for a specific reader, or you can make a flat donation to the entire campaign. If you choose to support a specific reader, use their page goal to calculate how much you want to pledge. For example, if your reader’s goal is to read 500 pages, for example, a dime per page would equal a $50 gift. You can make your donation at go.rallyup.com/clbsj-readathon2023

Register for the October 5 Fundraiser: On Thursday, October 5, in solidarity with Banned Books Week, we will gather for “A Celebration of Banned Books and Critical Thinking.” Let’s lift up, defend and promote the edgy books and critical thinking traditions that have shaped us as activists and Biblical interpreters. The event will be a participatory gathering, with members of the CLBSJ community sharing about the reading we are doing, and how it is impacting our understanding of the Bible and our work for justice. Anyone who is participating in the Read-a-thon is welcome to volunteer to present. Register at go.rallyup.com/clbsj-readathon2023/Event

Spread the word and stay tuned! We will be posting book lists, mini-reviews and other updates on this page as well as on our social media accounts. Please use this campaign as an opportunity to spread awareness about the connection between the Bible, traditions of critical thinking, and movements for justice.

Questions, comments, ideas? Please reach out to 845-603-2508 or clbsjorg@gmail.com