Study Guides

Study guides based on books in the collection of the Center and Library for the Bible and Social Justice.

The Top 100 Books on the Bible and Social Justice

Compiled and Annotated by Laurel Dykstra. Published in Liberating Biblical Study (Wipf & Stock, 2011)

This is not a definitive list but a live, working document compiled by the members of the Center and Library team. It is the product of negotiation and conversation and reflects both the biases and perspectives of the producers as well as the reality that biblical studies has long been a discipline that is white and male dominated. Titles were chosen according to several guiding principles.

  • Broad exposure and diversity: Many anthologies and commentaries are included in order to introduce more scholars. In order to include the work of more individuals, we have limited the number of titles by each.
  • Buried Treasures: We’ve included underappreciated and overlooked volumes.
  • Accessibility: We include readable, findable, and affordable books.
  • Movement Building: We emphasize scholars who are connected to communities working for change.
  • Inspiration: We include books that Christians working for justice recommended because they changed how they thought and acted.