Reclaiming the Bible: A Lenten "Detox"

All are welcome on this journey to reclaim some neglected spaces in the Christian scripture.

Each Thursday during Lent at at 4:30 Pacific Time / 7:30 Eastern Time via Zoom

Lent is traditionally a time of discernment and fasting. Through discipline, we seek to purify our awareness so that we are better able help build a just and peaceful world. This Lent, CLBSJ is embarking on a journey into some neglected spaces of Christian scripture, where texts have become polluted with the confusions of human systems and weaponized against justice, healing and peace. Join Brigitte Kahl, Sharifa Meytung, Dong Hyeon Jeong, Rick Ufford-Chase, Ericka Dunbar, Norman Gottwald and Crystal Hall in a weekly discipline of hearing, considering, detoxifying, liberating and reclaiming these stories.

We will meet each Thursday at 4:30 Pacific Time / 7:30 Eastern Time via zoom. See below for the full schedule. Click on the links to access additional details and registration links.